When a disease makes us wiser

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Just A personal thinking

Dear reader:

One of the words most heard in recent times is certainly the word ‘crisis’. And not only when talking about economics, but to treat every aspect of life: spiritual, technological, geopolitical, physical…

However, I think that we do not always refer to that term in the appropriate way. There is who believes, for example, that a crisis is the temporary interruption of a system and that when this ends is again above the “normal” State.

I don’t think so…

In my opinion a crisis is rather a change (thus appears defined in any dictionary) and, as such, may involve things good or bad (another of the definitions , in fact, is “bad or difficult situation”).

It is what happens when that crisis occurs at the level of health, for example, to be diagnosed a disease. Without a doubt, since it’s something harmful, it leads to thoughts and negative feelings, that no one says that once surpassed will not suffer any other pathology…

Then, would perhaps the crisis would not rather be a permanent state of suffering?

Change the mode of looking at life

If you have the impression that life is not more than a constant succession of negative events, the solution then can not be the expected to find a way out of the crisis “gate”, so never give it.

However, it will be of great help change the way in which considers his life.

And is that we must be willing to change from the depths of our being wake-up of these illusions and dreams about a life similar to the of fairy tales, where there is no suffering or catastrophes. Willing, ultimately, to accept life as it is, including their drawbacks.

As Gandhi would say, “Our power does not lie in the ability to remake the world, but in the reinvent ourselves“.

LDisease as an impulse for change

Most people who are interested in natural medicine pass or have gone through serious or very serious illnesses. I mean, he’s experienced serious “crises.”

Thus, people who are healthy and go to naturopathy in a preventive way, without having been really sick or witnessing diseases in their closest environment, are the exception.

Normally it is necessary that the destiny calls to our door bringing a crisis in form of disease… That may be our chance to change.

“Before I fell ill, I spent my life kidding me money in buying things just to impress people that I didn’t really care about,” someone told me once.

But I didn’t do it anymore. The disease had given him, as often happens, the opportunity to carry out the changes that he should have undertaken years ago. And we usually postpone these important decisions basically because we don’t understand their importance at first.

Until the disease arrives and reminds us of what is essential.

For example, you only live once and that life can be very beautiful if we do not waste time or energy on negative things; That every breath and every heartbeat of our heart can and must be seen as a miracle.

Two ways to live life

It seems Albert Einstein said that “there are only two ways to live one’s life: A is to do as if nothing is a miracle, the other is to do as if everything was a miracle.”

In the line of the second of these options, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber explained in his anti-cancer book How he discovered the beauty of life the day he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Suddenly, says Servan-Schreiber, he was relieved of all the pressure his parents had exerted on him, and that he had exerted upon himself, in the “duty” to always be the best in everything.

In short, he discovered a good reason to use the time he had left to do what was important to him. Not limited to the expectations of his father, his teachers, his colleagues and his rivals, who made this French doctor live life as they wanted, or rather as he imagined that others expected.

And that’s when he rebelled. By stopping trying to “succeed” getting diplomas and performing feats of all kinds, he finally dared to be himself. That’s how he got the real hit.

For example, in books that have changed the way of thinking of millions of people, and that most likely have saved many lives, in their chronicles full of wisdom and truth…

To this we must add that the energy that came to him at the time of his diagnosis allowed him to circumvent the pessimistic prognoses of the doctors! So much so that he came to live until 20 years after he was diagnosed with cancer.

A malignant tumour that was supposed to diminish his intellectual abilities and leave him only a few months of life offered him, however, the opportunity to be creative and to help others by discovering new therapeutic options. Among them are EMDR (desensitization and reprocessing by ocular movements), and very beneficial substances for health such as omega-3 acids and antioxidants.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber showed that “healing” (which gives title to one of his books) does not mean overcoming a pathology or injury. It means rather that the wounds no longer control our lives, allowing us even to have access to genuine freedom, the freedom to let our fears be left behind, because we understand that no condition will impede our love.

And you, dear reader, have you experienced this positive transformation from a disease of your own or someone close to you?

If so, it would be fantastic to share it with the other readers of this blog from EcoKOMPASS and me.
I invite you to do so by leaving a comment here.


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